About Us

Desi Depot is the Cash and Carry destination for all ethnic restaurants in the Long Island, Queens and Manhattan areas of New York. We pride ourselves on carrying all the raw material a ethnic kitchen needs - be it Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Middle Eastern, etc. We provide both dry and wet grocery items which you need - rice, flour, oils, vegetables, meats, sea food, dairy products, spices of all kinds. We also stock all carry out containers, catering trays, cleaning chemicals, and paper products.

Consider it your One Stop Shop - Let Desi Depot be your only destination - if you are a restaurant, or a caterer, or a place of worship which needs food materials in bulk. We promise to provide the best service and welcome you to our 13,000 sq foot warehouse in Farmingdale, NY where you can shop all you need. We stock over 140 items and are happy to also deliver for a small fee, on our refrigerated truck. We are focused on providing the best quality ingredients and are willing to go the extra mile to get you that special ingredient if you should need so.